For their latest Christmas digital campaign, Evidens de Beauté contacted me to create an animated film to highlight their Christmas box of skincare products. 
My role involved directing and creating an animated film that narrates the enchanting journey of a magical Koi fish. This film delivers a heartwarming message of hope and good fortune and tells the story of the legendary Koi carp, an eternal symbol of courage, perseverance and love, that weaves connections beyond borders, transcending the distances that separate us, from Tokyo to Paris.
Year: 2023
For Evidens de Beauté
Direction : Les poupées Russes
Art Direction : Valentin Nouvel (niu)
3D modeler and animator : Chill Out Studio
Concept Art : Théo Ribaucour & Valentin Nouvel (niu)
Design, animation, compositing : Valentin Nouvel (niu)
Music & Sound design : Mars Octobre Music
Style frames
Behind the scenes

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