Casus Boloss (Stories of Conflicts) is a web-documentary series which is dealing with geo-political issues. Originally written by Matthieu Putzolu and Aurèle Jacquot, I was asked to create, adapt and animate all the visuals of the series. I used a collage technique combine with animation to set in scene the leaders of the world. Since the projects implies a lot of different animations, this is a selection of some of my favorite parts.
Year : 2020 
Client : Arte  
Written by Matthieu Putzolu & Aurèle Jacquot  
Co-production : Arte G.E.I.E & Dynamo Production 
Distribution : Arte G.E.I.E  
Art Direction / Opening titles : Cyril Calgaro  
Design / Illustration / Animation Direction : Niu - Valentin Nouvel

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