Nöbl contacted me to to help them to build the graphic chart of Trolls, a web series documentary which portrays these Internet troublemakers. My role was to design and animate some graphic sequences of the series.
With Trolls we want to encourage and nourish a reflection on the white lines of community life on the Internet. Between those who think that freedom cannot be discussed and those who wish to regulate it, how can we advance the questioning and the balance of life in society? What are the limits of freedom of expression? Can we laugh at everything?  How far should provocation be enjoyed?  

Year: 2020 
For France.tv
Produced by : Urbania 
Written by : Alexandre Pierrin
Directed by: Nöbl 
Design & Animation: Cyril Izarn & Valentin Nouvel (Niu) 
Full credits on France.tv/documentaires/societe/trolls/

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